Monday, October 28, 2013

All Good Things Must Come to an End.........INDEFINITELY

Hi All,

Due to: MAJOR sleep deprivation, being a stay-at-home mom (with 2 young kiddos), being a full-time maid, nurse and LAUNDRESS (I can't get over all of the bedding I am always washing), I've decided to suspend writing this blog indefinitely.  Do I have an idea for how long?  Honestly, I have no clue, maybe after we get Connor's Continuous Glucose Monitor up & running, and are finally getting sleep around here. 
I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this blog and hope that you've enjoyed reading it!  To the 5 individuals that checked my blog on a regular basis (hi Mom & Todd) and the other 3 (they know who they are), thank you so much for reading, I greatly appreciate it!!!

I hope to get back into blogging once I am getting some sleep with regularity, and once a sense of "normalcy" has been restored in my household.

Love, love, love this song!

May God bless all of you, thanks again for visiting and I hope to be back soon! :)

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