Why 10 Cucumbers?

My son, Connor, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in February 2013.  Little did my husband and I know what that diagnosis meant for us as a family.  Everyday brings new challenges, worry, stress and problem solving.  We refer to ourselves as Mr. & Mrs. Pancreas, and believe you me, that is a full-time job!  Connor's diet is strictly monitored and carb counting is an essential element of managing the disease.  That being said, cucumbers are a carb-free, fat-free, cool & refreshing food that has become a staple of Connor's diet.

We LOVE to visit our local farmer's market every weekend, and every week without batting a lash we bring him 10 large cucumbers.  During our third visit, he finally asked, "why 10 cucumbers, what are you doing with them?"  We quickly explained why we had so many, and I thought to myself, wow, this is our new norm.

Our family has experienced COUNTLESS hardships, but rallying together, embracing what life is throwing our way and learning to accept the 'new norm', is so crucial in moving forward.  We cannot control our lives, but we can certainly control our responses to it.  So, in this house, it's 10 cucumbers.....we are in this together, no matter what life throws our way, we will rally, embrace and learn to accept.