Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Could Get Much Simpler

Acronyms baby, what does this one stand for?
Can't Get Much Sleep!
Could Get Mommy Sleep?
Connor Gets Monitored Soon!
These are all true, but what it really stands for is:
Continuous Glucose Monitoring System
If you are a diabetic, then you know this acronym along with about 20 others.  It's like we are living on a military base and speaking in acronym code-talk to one another.
Today was a BIG BIG day for us, as we went as a family to visit Connor's Pediatric Endocrinologist!  We received our report card and also spoke to the doctor about moving onto electronic devices to help us better manage Connor's blood sugar.
First thing was first, we received Connor's A1c number, OUR REPORT CARD.  The A1c number measures how much glucose has attached itself to the red blood cells during the previous 2-3 months.  This number indicates how well Connor's blood sugar has been controlled, which ultimately serves as a good predictor of overall health.  Friends, I will give myself an A+, I mean I knew that I was kicking ass in the blood sugar management department, but didn't realize how well!  For Connor's age group, they want him in a 7.5-8.5 A1c range, and Connor was at 8.8.  However, per the blood sugar trends shown on his blood sugar meter for the last 6 weeks, the doctor said we should see him at around 8.3 in 1 month.  The doc remarked that I was doing a great job being Connor's full-time pancreas based on how he eats and how often he gets insulin injections.  We did a bit of celebrating in the doctor's office......I mean, this kid came home from the hospital at 9.9, so a predicted A1c of 8.3 in a month sounds like pure bliss, "oh yeah, sookie sookie!"
The doctor then handed me a large pamphlet to discuss the Continuous Glucose Monitor, and I literally was like:
Can you imagine being randomly dropped off in let's say, Uzbekistan, and being told that you'd have to figure out the language, currency and geography.......oh, and you don't know a soul.  That's kind of what navigating the world of CGMS is like.....the pamphlet that was handed to me might as well be written in Cantonese, cause it was acronyms and numbers and I didn't know what the heck they meant.  So, I put down the pamphlet and bombarded the doctor with questions.
I learned a few things today: the CGMS will give me the ability to remotely check Connor's blood, oh sweet Hallelujah!  I am so done with the constant finger pricks and blood test strips (I know that Connor is too)!  When it is 4:18AM and you are looking for test strips and you cannot get enough blood onto the strip, one becomes a wee bit cranky!  The CGM also has an alarm function that goes off if his blood sugar goes low.....do you know what this means???  I CAN FINALLY GET SOME RESTFUL SLEEP!!!!  Since Connor's diagnosis, I don't sleep, I mean I am up on average 4-5 times/night for blood checks, it's honestly worse than having a newborn.  The idea of Connor having a seizure in his sleep is my absolute worst nightmare, and I am willing to do anything to prevent it!  Connor is normally just 'fine', but some nights he unexpectedly drops low or on the flip side, he shoots through the roof.  High numbers=bed wetting like you wouldn't believe & also a very cranky little monster waking up!!!  Trying to get this kid ready for school waking up with a blood sugar in the high 300s is like trying to dress the possessed girl from The Exorcist....evil, mean and combative!  The CGMS also provides overall blood sugar trends that will help me better manage Connor's blood sugar, AND it lets me know if his number is falling or going up.  This means that if I press the button and his blood sugar is at 194, I will know if it is falling or if that number is on its way up (indicating that we many have to give him a shot).  I normally have no way of knowing this without testing Connor's blood over and over again, so the CGMS = my new bestie!
Not only did we get a great report card, but it also gave me a little hope for help :).  To have just a little help in the daily process, just a little, sounds like beautiful heaven to me. 
We have an appointment to get Connor fitted & to learn more about the CGMS in a couple of weeks.  Life just Could Get Much Simpler for us, and I couldn't be more excited about this!
Here is the gang waiting for the doc this morning:

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