Thursday, October 10, 2013

Warm Hug

Have you ever had a nagging thought or feeling that you just couldn't ignore?  I experienced that about 3 weeks ago when my husband went "shopping" at a local community yard sale on a Saturday morning.  My husband (who LOVES shopping at yard-sales btw) was able to score dozens of books, clothing, shoes and toys for my children.  They were delighted when what appeared to be Santa Claus came 'HO HO HOing' through the front door with bags full of goodies.  I stood by while they dove into their gifts with glee and just couldn't ignore that feeling.  Nope, damnit, by Sunday afternoon, I still couldn't ignore it.  What was that feeling?  That my family has so much, that all of our basic needs are met, and that there are so many people who are struggling and just aren't as fortunate.  So I finally addressed that feeling and contacted the director of a local homeless shelter.  I had an idea.......since our entire TOWN's yard sale is this Saturday, October 12th, I could go shopping for anybody in the shelter that was in need.  The director got back to me rather quickly and explained that they were in desperate need of coats.  You guys, they need 32 coats, 20 of these coats are for small children.  This breaks my heart! 

Many of these women and children have faced very trying & difficult times, many struggled for years before they finally decided to enter the doors of this homeless shelter.  Their stories are not for me to know, nor to judge.  What I am to know is that basic human needs are not being met and that my help is needed.

I am hoping & praying that everyone participating in this year's town yard sale is selling a coat!  I am going to get my children involved and have them help me sort the coats and then also come with me to drop the coats off at the shelter.  You are never too young to think beyond yourself and learn that we belong to each other, that our job while we're on this journey is to love and help one another. 

File:Homeless child.jpg 

So this Saturday morning my mission will be to find coats and jackets for children and adults to wear as they brave the winter chill.  My hope is that each time they reach for their coat, place their arms in the sleeves, wrap it around their torso and zip it up, they know that this coat was a stranger's way of wrapping her arms around them and giving them a warm hug all winter long. 

If you are interested in helping, my email address is:  Please visit their website (or your local shelter's website), as they have an incredible list of volunteer opportunities:

p.s. Happy Birthday Mom, I love you more and more each year! :)

This song is dedicated to the mothers and children in the shelter.  I know that life is trying right now, but over that birds fly, dreams really do come true.  I hope and pray that life will only get easier for you.


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