Monday, September 9, 2013

You're OUTTA here!

Happy Monday everyone, I hope a good weekend was had by all!  Connor began his first day of Preschool today, and Mommy was VERY happy!!!  I had music going during breakfast, there were big smiles and I was looking for Baileys to place in my coffee to celebrate (okay, not really), but you get the picture, it was a joyous occasion.  You see, that child has been TORTURING.ME.ALIVE for the past 2 1/2 weeks.  I circled September 9th on my calendar and stared at it everyday, longing for it to arrive like a child waiting for Christmas Day.  The days dragged and dragged and I about lost my sanity a couple of times.  I realized that I began blogging the day after he was home with me full-time, he was the catalyst, the blog served as a mental escape from the constant craziness going on at home.  Connor's only form of entertainment was to annoy the piss out of his sister which would naturally result in her screaming and then me screaming.  I kept him occupied the best I could, but no matter where we were, what we were doing, it's apparently more fun to enrage your little sister. 
So, only tears of joy this morning for this mama.  He will learn, he will play, he will be entertained by children his own age and he will not be pushing me toward a straight jacket = happiest mommy in the world!

I took a few pictures of him leaving for his first day (he requested "shark hair").  His sign reads "Whose Mommy will restore sanity today?  This Guy's":

(By the way, I know restore isn't hyphenated, there was a page break, so I did what I could).  His face says it all in this last one.....HE KNOWS!
Have a good Monday, I know that I will! :)
UPDATE: Connor had the best first day back!  Since arriving home, he has been very very well behaved, and has been nice to his sister, AMEN!  There is peace in our home again.

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