Friday, September 27, 2013


Hi All,

It's Friiiiiddddaaaayyy, whaa whaaa!!!!  Friday brings joys that I don't get to experience Saturday - Thursday.  Friday is my super lucky day to clean a majority of the house (including a couple of toilets = fun).  Today I was greeted by this when I opened the lid to clean the master bedroom toilet:

Of course my intial thought was: "Woah, my husband forgot to flush!  What the hell did he give birth to?"  Yup, I was mistaken, it's just a peach floating in the toilet (I had to grab the camera for this).  Friday is not only 'clean the house day', but I also have the added bonus of having both kids home with me all day.  This rare toilet treat was definitely the handiwork of my 1-year-old, Chelsea.  She also found time to lovingly booby-trap the kitchen by leaving dark-colored-crayons on the dark hardwood, yep, almost fell on my ass after doing the splits.  That's okay, I was greeted with produce in my toilet only 20 minutes later, certainly put a smile on my face!
..................and in more toilet related news:
What does this look like to you?
If you answered: Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner, then you were correct!
My children's answser: hand soap!  Yuck, yuck, and more yuck!  It was brought to my attention yesterday afternoon that they've been "washing up" with this since Monday afternoon.  It was hanging in our basement bathroom toilet to prevent it from mildewing.  I sent the 2 kids down to the basement to play each day and my son has used the restroom everyday.  Like he was taught, he washes his hands after each bathroom use, which makes me one proud mama!  Apparently, he thought that soap was hanging from the toilet and proceeded to pull it off and wash with it.  He came up on Monday smelling very much like "manly cologne."  "Is there new soap down there Connor?", I asked.  "Yes, daddy left new soap next to the sink."  I thought that perhaps it was actually one of our guests who left it during their stay over the past couple of weeks.  Yesterday, however, Connor proudly came up to tell me that he washed his hands and arms (he scrubbed up like a surgeon!).  I got hit with such a strong smell............and yes, yes, my worst fears were confirmed when 2 seconds later Chels crawled up from the basement stairs holding this nasty chemical concoction.  Chels took it a step further and had rubbed it all over her body (hey, that's what you do with soap, right?)  As much as it was amusing, I was honestly concerned about them both lathering up with this blue beauty......these cleaners have since been removed from all of our toilets.  Ay, caramba!
My husband and I have a weekend filled with friends, laundry and football!  Tomorrow is our 6th wedding anniversary and I think he's got something REALLY AMAZING planned ;) ;), no pressure or anything babe!  I hope that everyone has a wonderful and peachy-keen (I couldn't help myself) weekend as well!! :)

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