Monday, September 16, 2013

Wild Wedding Weekend

We returned last evening from a whirlwind of a weekend, and boy, we are exhausted!
We went to our good friend Jay's wedding that was being held at the beautiful Historic Powhatan Resort in Williamsburg, Virginia.  My husband was a groomsman, so we had to arrive a day early to attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

My in-laws were awesome enough to book a room at the resort as well so that they could watch our kiddos while we attended the rehearsal dinner and wedding festivities (SANS KIDS = PARTAY TIME)!  So, logistically speaking, I had a lot of packing to do for our family of four, and as in usual fashion, I waited until last minute and had roughly 6 loads of laundry to complete before packing/leaving (many necessary items for the weekend were in those loads of laundry, ay yay yay).  I hurriedly packed Friday morning after completing the loads of laundry and eventually began to just throw crap into my vehicle, there was no organization involved in this "packing".  I wish I could get my hands on that damn magical Mary Poppins bag that seems to hold the world, WHERE.THE.HELL.CAN.I.FIND.IT ????!!???!!  We left our house with a total of 21 bags/boxes/suitcases/thingamajjigers, hey, packing when traveling with children is NO JOKE!  We had a small suitcase each (4 total), a large cardboard box to hold dry foods, our Keurig machine (I know folks, but I NEED my coffee, this is a necessity!), the diabetes bag, a diaper bag, laptop briefcase, plastic grocery bags filled with random crap that I forgot to pack which was thrown in the car last minute, the camera bag, a pack 'n play, the tuxedo bag, a cooler with refrigerated food, our dog and his "things" for his stay at a doggie hotel, my purse and more.......

Alright Mary, spill the beans woman, where'd ya get this gem?

It was so disorganized that I forgot to pack 2 pairs of high heels for both the rehearsal dinner dress and wedding dress.  Not a prob Bob!  My rehearsal dinner attire: 80's Jean Jacket (forgot my black dressy sweater too), a very last minute black dress purchase from Ross that had not been tried on and happened to be WAY TOO SHORT (bow-chicka-wow-wow), paired with sporty Nike pink flip flops.  My hair was not brushed and I was completely exhausted, but I'd like to think that I pulled this look off.  I entered the rehearsal dinner room, and scurried like a mouse to my seat to use the table cloth and cloth napkin as a cover-up for the denim/hooker dress/sporty flip flops "look" that I was sporting.  Hey, you want a hug during the dinner, okay, come to me, I refuse to stand up at all even if you are the bride & groom because lord knows that you'll be thinking "what kinda weird outfit is this"?!  During the dinner I downright refused to use the bathroom although I had to piss like a racehorse and was one of the last to exit the room so that others wouldn't witness this combo.  That's okay, because I had an opportunity to redeem myself at the "pool party" that was to occur immediately following the rehearsal dinner.  The groom told us to bring our swimsuits & towels and that they'd be serving drinks at the nearby bar.  My husband and I got back to our resort room from the rehearsal dinner and I put on my bathing suit, a bathing suit cover-up, a towel around my neck, and of course, for a 2nd debut, my fashionable sporty Nike pink flip flops.  We walked 10 minutes in the dark to the resort pool and stopped dead in our tracks when we walked up to find everyone in COCKTAIL ATTIRE..........VHAT DE HELL IS DIS?!?  "Pool party" was actually a cocktail party BY the pool.   

Nope.  Not at all.  Somehow I missed this memo.  That's alright, I enjoy looking like a "pool mom" standing next to Susie Q who is wearing her 5 inch heels and the latest Bebe dress.  I don't feel the least bit awkward!

The ceremony was breathtakingly beautiful, and I'm not sure that you could have had prettier weather.  I laughed, I cried (by the way, if the bride cries, it's a guaranteed cry-fest for me! THANK YOU LINDSEY) and I reminisced about my own wedding.

How cute is this picture?  The moment you look your "husband" in the eyes and say "we actually did it, watch out world, we are husband & wife!"

It'll be 6 years in 2 short weeks for the hubby and I, and it feels like it was just yesterday that we were exchanging our vows on that September afternoon.  Here we are before getting all hot & sweaty on the dance floor.

The reception was loads of fun and we danced our hearts out.  By the way, my footwear, in case you're wondering, was none other than these little beauties (they are super versatile)......

Not only did we have a blast this weekend, but we were also reunited with my husband's best friends.  I am so thankful for these 3 great friends placed in my husband's life.  These 4 guys met in college and have been the best of friends for 13 years now.  They roomed with each other, have been in one another's weddings, visited each other after first-home purchases, have celebrated 30th birthdays together, and they all visited us after the birth of both of our children.  I know that if we ever needed anything that they'd be there for us in a heartbeat!  My husband laughs so hard with these guys and to hang out with them is to know that they all have an inseparable bond!  We just love them dearly and it doesn't hurt that we love each of their wives too!  Unfortunately, my husband does regress in age while in their company, and I have a 20 year old by my side during our visits (i.e. drinking too much & puking all over our hotel room, you're not 18 anymore babe ;)).  So, thank you Jay, Adam, and Rocchi for being such incredible friends to my husband (and me), we are so grateful for your friendship!!!

Left to Right: Adam, Rocchi, Jay and Todd
There you have it, it was a wild wedding weekend, we had great times with great people and made memories to last us a lifetime!  Congrats Jay & Lindsey!

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