Friday, September 6, 2013

The Name Game

(WARNING: You many have this lil' ditty stuck in your head for the next 24-36 hours).

"There is NO way!" I said, "I don't believe you, let me see your driver's license!"
He pulled his wallet out of his pocket, slid his driver's license out and handed it to me.
I turned the overhead light on in the car to examine the specimen.  DOB, First Name, wait, there it is, Last Name, M-A-G-I-N.  Oh God, he's not lying, wait, that's too weird, no way!  Did he have a fake license made for our date to be funny, nooooo, who the hell would do that I thought to myself?  The fact that his last name was pronounced like my first name confirmed it for me, so I looked back at him and said "Todd, this has been a fun ride while it lasted, but I'm sorry, I can't marry you!", and gave him the biggest smile.  We had known each other for approximately 24 hours at this point and were on our first date.  I grabbed my purse and we headed into the bar and I knew that I couldn't fall in love with this man because nuptials would = Megan Magin.  But that's okay, I'm a toughy-pants and it took me all of 4 minutes to fall in love with him ;). 

Todd fell in love with me too (who can blame him, right?) forward two years and we were engaged!  All of the stars had aligned perfectly and I realized that God had decided to play a little practical joke on me, my future hubby would have the same last name as my first!  A couple of weeks before our wedding I sat him down and broke the "news" gently......I would NOT be taking his last name.  My reasoning behind it was that I didn't want people to think that I was stuttering when I was giving my full-name, or that I just loved my first name so much that it was worth repeating.  I was also familiar with "the conversation" (I had already had a few of them during the wedding-vendors-contract-process), and it would go as follows, "I got your first name, but what's your last name?" and then I'd have to say I already gave it to you, it's "M-A-G-I-N".  I knew that I'd have to keep spelling the differences between both names and I'd sound like a roaming spelling bee contestant.  To minimize confusion with customer service agents & with every human being that I'd ever come in contact with, I'd stick with the ol' maiden name.  Todd was disappointed but understood, and asked very sweetly if our future offspring could have the last name Magin.  "Of course they would!" I told him, "this Megan Mama will have Magin babies, no problem!"

I thought that ALL confusion surrounding my name was nipped in the bud, but clearly I was naïve!  You see, once you are sending your kiddos off to preschool and you are always referred to as "Mrs. Magin", you just don't correct them, because then you'll have "the conversation".  I appreciate that everyone is amused by Megan Magin, but I have had the same conversation about 976 times and am trying to dodge it at this point in my life.  Other parents know your child's last name at school and when they are friendly and ask you your first name, oh snap you think, there you are again, back to the "Megan Magin conversation". 
Countless times I am asked my husband's name and then asked for my name, and I am right back at it.  "Oh, I got your last name ma'am, but what's your first name?"  Not again I tell myself, not again!  "My husband is Todd Magin (spelled THIS way) and I'm Megan Nugent (spelled THIS way).....I am losing patience with this conversation, if the damn names were spelled the same way it would've been easier I tell you!  I spell both versions of Megan/Magin repeatedly, "is there an h?", "is it MeAgan"?, "is it pronounced Meegan"?  Hooked on phonics has got nothing on this lady, there is lots of spelling in my future!  Then we have "the conversation" about why I chose not to become Megan Magin.  The overall consensus among the masses is that it would've been really cool for me to run around with the same name, "what an opportunity you had!"  This has occurred at doctor's offices, Goodyear Tire & Auto, with husband's co-workers, with my old co-workers, child's school, Walgreens pharmacy, etc. 

Ahhh, the things you do for love, 6 years of marriage later and I concede: instead of the conversations about why I didn't become Megan Magin, I should (I said it) have just become Megan Magin, I think life would've just been easier.

Love you Todd Magin! :)

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