Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mark-Up Anyone?

If anyone is looking for a mark make-up artist, please look no further, we have a little lady that goes bold, she's not shy with colors and is willing to think outside the box.  She is free of charge!  Wedding?  No problem!  Folks, please meet Ms. Chelsea:

A couple other views of her handywork:

Unfortunately, her work isn't limited to just the human body, as our chair was also adorned with Rose Petal by L'Oreal.  This occurred a couple weeks ago, since then she got into more lipstick (which was lovingly rubbed into our bedroom carpet - please refer to Exhibit A) and opened my deodorant and rubbed chunks of it that she had dug with her fingernails on our bathroom rug.  My eyeliner also took a direct hit, luckily she just unscrewed it until it fell out of it's plastic pen and fell on our dining room table, ah vell, $4.99 down the drain, but at least nothing else was destroyed.

She is a smart, fun-loving, determined little lady, but she definitely has a mean streak!  I refer to her has Chelserella, my son asked me why, and I told him I had combined Chelsea + Cinderella, because she's a princess....uhhhh, some days it's more like Chelsea + Cruella.

I'm sure this will not be the last post of this nature, she's a busybody and always looking for creative outlets.

Please say a prayer for us :)!!!

Exhibit A

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