Tuesday, August 27, 2013


My mother who resides outside of Atlanta, Ga. came up for a visit recently.  My mother is originally from the New York City area, and she comes equipped with a Jersey accent, her cigarettes, a cup of coffee......and some really great ideas on how to break into things ;)!

While taking a cigarette break in her car last week, she locked her keys in her vehicle.  Upon discovering her mistake, she began to conjure up ideas on how to retrieve her keys....these were creative to say the least.

Ideas employed by my 66 year old mother:
  • Thick green plastic coat hanger sawed in half (somehow you place the hanger in behind the glass)
  • 2 thin twigs (you just kinda poke the glass with them)
  • 1 pair of kitchen tongs (just massage the glass with them)
  • Shoe lace (you get this behind the glass and unlock the lock? somehow?)
  • Rock (you break your reverse light, reach in through the trunk)
  • Metal coat hanger (you repeatedly ram this in your trunk key hole and hope that it opens)
I tried reasoning with her, "Mom, what are you doing with these twigs????"  She had ideas folks, and trying to rationalize with her wasn't going to stop her, she was a lady on a mission!

In case you're wondering, yes, she is available for hire!  Here she is in action:

 I'm not sure what the twig was going to accomplish.....

Last I checked, the experts don't use these devices, but it's never too late to start exploring these options.  Needless to say, these ideas didn't work, so I came out with a metal coat hanger and got it behind the glass and tried my best to get it around the driver's side handle, but alas, no luck. 
My husband came home from work and tried repeatedly with no success, so the calls to locksmiths began...but the quotes of $190.00 were a bit daunting.  My mom contacted our local police department, and within 5 minutes a really friendly officer was at our home and retrieved the keys in under 10 minutes (in the rain I might add).

I don't know the last time I laughed that hard.  Every time I picture her massaging the glass with kitchen tongs, I about lose it.

Love you Mom, thanks for the great laughs! :)

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